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magpie music studio

You may be wondering 'Why magpie?' 


Magpie birds have always fascinated me. Not only are they striking with their black feathers with white and blue-tipped wings, they're incredibly intelligent avian. I believe there is a great overlap between these enigmatic creatures and the core values of my studio. Allow me to share some of my favorite magpie facts.

  • their brain-to-body mass is equal to that of dolphins and great apes, and only slightly smaller than humans

  • magpies are one of the few species that is able to recognize themselves in the mirror (elephants, dolphins, and chimpanzees are the others)

  • they are birds of many songs and calls, they can even mimic sounds around them such as wind chimes or a dog's bark

  • at different times throughout the year, magpies live in multi-generation clans called 'parliaments', working together to procure food and resources

  • they often use tools to cut food for chicks or even for themselves; take, for example, magpies in Japan have learned to use the traffic lights as a means to crack walnuts: the birds wait with humans at the crosswalk, place the nuts on the road, then wait for cars to drive over and crack the nuts

Magpies reflect the inquisitiveness that I hope to encourage in my students; I believe curiosity is the ultimate learning tool and it can be a lifelong trait. The problem-solving birds use tools and work together just as we do when practicing or playing in an ensemble. And they are talented singers who carefully observe the sounds in their environment, like my students do when they are listening to the piece(s) they're learning.

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